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Southern World Mining (SWM)

Location on Dawei

Negotiations continue for three additional exploration properties in Myanmar. This transaction is subject to SWM confirming issuance of the ‘licence to explore’ by the Myanmar Ministry of Mines. Under the terms of the Joint Venture, SWM will assist with exploration, approvals and any other local permissions. The Joint Venture is also subject to final Myanmar Investment Commission approval.

Myanmar based SWM specialises in identifying large-scale, quality resource assets in the region. The Company will utilise SWM’s extensive regional geological expertise to assist in identifying the additional large-scale exploration licenses. The Company expects the four licenses to total approximately 4,000 acres. The Company is encouraged by political and economic developments in Myanmar and considers that the lack of exploration over the last 30 years combined with favourable geology make the country highly prospective for tin and tungsten.

The Company continues to conduct legal and geological due diligence of several sites in Myanmar with the view to increasing its footprint in the region short term.

The Southern regions of Myanmar include areas belonging to the South East Asian tin belt which includes parts of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand which produces tin and tungsten. The area around the port city of Dawei is the major focus of exploration.












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