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Location of Myanmar

The Company, in conjunction with a local partner, Myanmar Energy Resources Group (MERG) jointly applied to Myanmar Government’s Ministry of Mines for an exploration lease of approximately 400km² in Kayah State, Myanmar.

The application is the important first step in gaining an exploration licence and has been submitted on the basis of: the Company – 70%; MERG – 30%. The Joint Venture is currently awaiting approvals from the Ministry of Mines and local government for the granting of this strategic lease area. Once approved, final sign off by the Myanmar Investment Commission is required to confirm the joint venture’s interest in the exploration lease.

The proposed lease is in the established tin and tungsten producing area Kayah State. Based on historical data and geological mapping, the Company believes this concession has the potential for a primary tin or tungsten discovery. We understand this licence (if granted) will be one of the largest exploration leases in Myanmar.


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