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Chuluun Khoroot Tungsten Mine

Centreville LLC, a Mongolian domiciled subsidiary holds the Ovoot licence in in north-eastern Mongolian. The License covers an area of 12,657 hectares and incorporates the historical Chuluun Khoroot tungsten mine which was active during the period 1945-1955.

The Chuluun Khoroot tungsten deposit was discovered in 1944 and is located in the south-eastern part of the license area. Tungsten and subordinate molybdenum mineralisation are associated with a series of quartz veins within the Chuluun Khoroot granite and surrounding sedimentary rocks.

Approximately 23 quartz veins have been identified with the “main vein” and number 18 vein having been the focus of past exploration. The main vein is approximately 500m long, strikes northwest-southeast and is essentially vertical. The vein has been explored to depths up to 60m and at surface appears to be 1-2m wide. The number 18 vein is approximately 100 metres long, 0.14 m wide and has a variable strike from northeast-southwest to north-south. This vein has been explored to a depth of 12m.

The Company engaged a Mongolian contractor to conduct geophysical surveys in the Northern area of the Mongolian tenement. This work commenced on the 26 June 2013. The survey will also complete the work program required by the Mongolian government.

In September 2013, the Mineral Resource Authority granted an extension of the licence for an additional three years until 26 September 2016.


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