Keno is one of those games that gives you a massive buzz every time you play, and this lotto gem is truly one of the most feature filled parlour games available. The latest online casinos provide an array of deluxe Vegas style video keno games, complete with serious jackpot levels. Check out the full keno buzz – and even try and lure Lady Luck to your screen with some fun strategies and keno tips!

Keno – pick and play!

The thrill of lotto gaming is the simplest and potentially the most rewarding in the casino parlours of cyberspace, and nothing beats the intrinsic thrill of marking off winning numbers on your ticket (even if you don’t get enough to win, lotto games always give you the fun winning feeling!) However, if you’ve ever played games such as bingo, you’ll have probably cursed your bad luck with the numbers on your tickets! Sound familiar? Well, the magic of keno doesn’t have such annoying features, because you can select auto-pick, or alternatively – hand pick the keno numbers yourself! What’s more, you can select between 4 and 10 numbers, from a huge range of 0-180! So, you can select all those hot numbers you normally miss out on, plus all your lucky dates and numbers!

Keno hot tips!

Keno is really the ultimate game of luck, and with 180 numbers to pick from – you can see why! However, most gamers like to have fun by looking for cool ways to help picky their lucky numbers. Check out a few popular keno strategies.

1. Use the Andrucci system to locate the smoking numbers! This casino strategy suggests that frequent winning numbers really do have more chance of keeping on winning, compared to the non-winners!
2. Use consecutive combos on your tickets, like 110, 111 & 112! These little clusters seem to win all the time, so give it a try.
3. Playing with more than one keno ticket instantly delivers more fun and more chances to find some winning numbers!

Super Keno Jackpots

Keno games can be played with seriously low stakes, all the way to pro wager levels – and similarly, the jackpot payouts can fill your piggy bank or totally explode it with cash! Just like in Vegas, the web’s deluxe super keno games make lucky gamers massively rich every year, paying out hundreds and thousands in the best progressive keno parlours! However, whether you hit the jackpot or low level wins, the magic of keno is sure to be a winner.