A lot of online poker players could be skeptical when they are offered some free money in the form of rakeback deals. They think that why online poker web sites have to reward them for playing poker. As the truth, there is the reason for it. And this reason is about quantity and poker player retention. The online poker rooms know that by offering rakeback deals they will increase web traffic to their web sites and what is the most important will have a better retention rate from their clients.

Traditionally rakeback is considered to be a portion of the rake that you pay to the online poker room. In the process of getting the rack back every part that involves in this process wins.

The first part who wins in the case of rakeback deals is online poker web site. By the refund a certain percentage of the rake back to the poker player the online poker room attracts new poker players as well as keeps those poker players from going over a competitor’s web site.

Rakeback DealsThe second part that wins in the rakeback deals is the rakeback web site. Usually online poker web sites do not advertise such deal as the rakeback one. So in the case the poker player wants to play online poker with the rakeback deal, he or she has to sign up the online poker web site through special web sites known as rakeback web sites. These affiliate web sites drive traffic to the online poker rooms. Traditionally poker web sites offer these affiliate web sites a certain percentage back from the poker players they refer to the online poker room. In its turn the affiliate web site will offer the biggest part this percentage to the poker player. The largest rakeback web sites that have millions of signed up piker players make millions of dollars of the profit.

The last and the most important part that is involved in the rakeback deals is you. With the rakeback deal you win in any case whether you are a winning poker player or loosing poker player. In the case you are a losing poker player, with the rakeback deal you will have the opportunity to play longer using the only one deposit. And in the case you are a winning poker player, with the rakeback deal you will be able to increase your winnings and add some dollars into your pocket.

Nevertheless, it is absolutely up to you whether use the rakeback deal or not. In the case you have decided to use it the only thing you need to do is to find the proper affiliate web site and sign up the online poker web site and of course enjoy the game.

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